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"Civis" as a topic is meant to deal with the relations among people in a group or groups in the world. Mostly this is under politics and concerns war and power.

Media and War
Some wars have started when new inforamtion technologies have made it easier to discover oppression and organize against it.
Why We Must Have War (Alas)
Resource shortages are a root cause of war
Do the Polls Agree? (2016)
How the polls differed in the runup to the 2016 election. The one they mostly got wrong.
My Dad Spoke Out (1953)
In 1953, the head hooligan of the moment was Senator McCarthy.
While Home Burns (2023)
ChatGPT raps on the futility of expecting climste change action from Congress.


where is line between laws and morals

should we ignore laws we disagree with

we need government - see Premble to constitution

Can one wage war?
often the problem is resources


Death penalty?



birth control?


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