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by ZweiBieren Coding Notes pens in a mug

From time to time I create something useful or learn how to program something. These notes describe my results.

Color Choice Tools in Physpics, Making a List of Colors
Physpics provides several tools for choosing colors.
Using PHP "global"
The 'global' directive in PHP is unlike that in any other language. When I finally figured it out, I wrote this note.
Changing Photo Metadata
Every photo has meta-data, time stamp, shutter speed, and a lot more, including captions. At one time I wanted to automate adding captions. This note summarizes the results of my research.
Pictools - Webpage Framework
The physpics website is driven by the Pictools package described here.
Java Tips & Tidbits
Everything from how to start writing a program to building a user interface.
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