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by ZweiBieren Religion and the
Church of the WHoly Quantum
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The only things that can be said for sure about religion is that all religions are ridiculous and everybody needs one. If you don't have an explicit religion you are almostly certaionly buying into one of the default religions of your culture like capitalism or veganism.

Someone asked about my religion and -- always the impetuous wise-ass -- I replied, "The Church of the WHoly Quantum." Having said that, I felt compelled to invent the Church, C-Q for short. These notes include general thoughts on religion and specific guidance if you want join C-Q.

The Church of the WHoly Quantum
A church for all.
On the Date of Creation
The universe is younger than you knew.
What Is Faith
Why do religions emphasize "faith?"
God Blessed America
Why does the President say, "God Bless America?"
What is the proper use of prayer? Hint: It is not to ask for things.
To The Better End
Each of us will die. What planning can we do beforehand to avoid prolonging the misery?
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