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by ZweiBieren The Church of the WHoly Quantum pens in a mug

As you travel, your companions may well share diverse religious backgrounds. It may be a challenge to connect with others of your own religion. So you lack access to the group support you enjoyed in your home church. Perhaps you can find a group to meet your needs in a Church of the WHoly Quantum.  (Is the Quantum "holy" or is the world "wholly" Quantum?)

The Church of the WHoly Quantum (C-Q, pronounced "seek-you") is a collection of congregations; it is not necessarily a religion in itself. Nonetheless, like other religions C-Q requires belief in a central mystery. For C-Q, that mystery is quantum physics. Quantum physics is a highly accurate theory;  properties of particles can be calculated to many decimal places. And it qualifies as a mystery because it and gravity cannot both be true. Most people--not surprisingly--are not yet prepared to abandon the theory of gravity.

C-Q members need not know quantum physics. It is enough to believe that the universe can be described with little bits called quanta.

How does the Church of the WHoly Quantum differ from any other church? Largely, it doesn't; C-Q tries to do for its members what other churches do:

  • energize and focus us in everyday life
  • offer solace in times of distress
  • connect us to others in a community
  • provide a context of shared experiences
  • foster quiet contemplation of deep problems

One way C-Q does differ is to embrace all religions and forms of religious experience. As a member of a C-Q congregation, you are encouraged to belong to another religious organization as well. The only restriction is that you may not impose the beliefs of your religion on anyone else, be they members of no religion, C-Q-only, or any other religion.

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