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Most religions have a concept of God. Pre-Christian religions had multiple gods. Hinduism is said to have either thirty-three million gods or ten times that many. Judaism settled on but a single God and Islam followed suit. Buddhism and atheism have no particular gods. Christians debate whether they have one God or a trinity of three.

Although a member of C_Q may have any of these beliefs, the Church does have this precept:

God is.

This belief reflects the simple fact that we exist. To echo Rene Descartes,

Cogito ergo Deus est. (I think therefore there is a God.)

However we define creation some entity must have performed that action. We may as well call that entity whatever name we have chosen for "God". This could mean an infinite succession of Gods each creating the next. But it need not. Our God is probably eternal

Where is God?

Right up front of the King James Version of the bible we read,

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Christians usually think that God resides in Heaven. Which begs the question: Where was he when he arrived at that beginning? It must have been a splendid realm to hold God. So why would He leave to join a realm populated by mere people? Every one of which (including you and I) have many annoying habits.

What are angels? Cherubim? Seraphim? Did God create these too? Or were they there with him before creation? Did God brag to them about His creation?

What does God look like?

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

This seems unlikely. If God is to see all things and do all things, He would seem to require more than two hands and two eyes. If I was made in the image of God why can't I see everything and everywhere? Why am I limited to but a single location and earthly horizon of a mere six miles. On a good day. On a flat plane.

Does God Care?

Having made us, does God continue to care what we do and what happens to us? When my grandkids build a Lego town with Lego peopple, do they care. Nope. They are soon distracted and abandon the town. usually with out putting it away. And why should an entity with the power to create man limit all His future actions to taking care of people? To my mind it is more likely that God created the world and the Brooklyn Dodgers so he could watch the games. He interest waned when they moved to Los Angles. Now he is more of a Steelers fan, but there aren't enough games to really capture His full attention. (Mark Twain suspected that God spent most of His days in the raptures of congress; of whatever kind.)

Does God answer prayers?

You may hear that, "God answers prayers; but sometimes the answer is, 'No'." This is glib and specious claim. It tackles a serious question with sophistry. With this answer, there is no way to distinguish God from a doofus sitting around and flipping a coin. And what about sports? Is it the team that prays harder that wins the game. Why doesn't Notre Dame always win? Why do the Pirates ever win? (In fact the Pirates do hold the all-time, all-sports record for most consecutive losing seasons. But this is likely due to forgiving fans and stingy management.)

In Jewish philosophy, one does not ask God to do things. The only message to send His way is that of praise and thanks. Be thankful for what you have; remember it could be worse.

Non-Judaic religions in the Bible have gods for each of the scary features of reality. To gain a favorable outcome, one is to pray and sacrifice to the god responsible for that realm: fertility, crops, success in a hunt or war, and on and on. That god will grant the wishes of those who have prayed and sacrificed the most. But this is payment in things of value to humans. A human might appreciate someone sacrificing a pig in his honor, but how can we expect a god to care when He already has the power to create anything He wants?

What is Prayer?

With an uncaring God who doesn't answer prayers, how can the Church of the W/Holy Quantum offer Serenity?

Treating others with Civility.


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