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Now that I'm long-since retired, it's time to find good homes for my accumulation of go stuff: books, boards, bowls, and so on. See what's gotta go here.

I haven't set up a store. If you want to buy something, email me: ZweiBieren@yahoo.com Unless we can meet in Pittsburgh or at a tournament, I'll have to charge shipping and handling via my local UPS store.


Prices shown are roughly half of what the item retails for on Amazon. Move the mouse to a thumbnail photo to view the full picture.

Item Comment $ Photo
Stones & Bowls  
glass stones in wooden bowlschinese quince (?)200

glass stones in sturdy plastic bowls 40
stones in spiffy plastic bowlsmajority glass30
plastic stones in spiffy plastic bowls25
mixed stones in cheap plastic bowls W lid is cracked20
Beautiful maple board I madeno lines yet20
magnetic go setfor plane flights10
half-size board and stonestravels well10
My Set   not really for sale: $2000 for full set
carry bagcontains the next three items300
2.8 cm slotted board400
wooden bowls500
slate&shell stones1000
chess clock10
chess clockin box10


The "rare" books are out of print. Make an offer. Unsold volumes will eventually be offered via an online auction.

Title Author $
BakerThe Way to Go1
DaviesThe Rules of Go 1
FujisawaReducing Territorial Frameworks rare
Haruyama/NagaharaBasic Techniques of Go 10
HondoThe Great Joseki Debates 10
IkedaOn the Rules of Go rare
InoueIgo Hatsuyoron (Difficult problems) rare
IshidaDictionary of Basic Joseki V220
IshidaDictionary of Basic Joseki V320
JiangFighting Ko rare
KageyamaLessons in the Fundamentals of Go (decrepit) 1
KatoThe Chinese Opening 15
KawabataThe Master of Go5
Lass/Wu/YuThe Art of Go Series V1 Connecting Stones (1st ed.)rare
NagaharaStrategic Concepts of Go 10
NakayamaThe Treasure Chest Enigma 40
NieThe Art of Positional Judgment rare
Ogawa/DaviesThe Endgame 10
SakataKiller of Go (1st ed.)rare
SegoeGo Proverbs Illustrated rare
ShoichiBeyond Forcing Moves rare
TilleyGo International Handbook and Dictionary 5
Yang/StraussWhole Board Thinking in Joseki V1rare
Yang/StraussWhole Board Thinking in Joseki V2rare
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