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For a fancy grocery ad you want just the right font for your vegetables: Maybe "Parsnips" in the Algerian font or "Parsnips" in the CopperplateGothicBold font or "Parsnips" in font EdwardianScriptITC. Or maybe another other of your 300-odd fonts. FontViewer shows you all the fonts and lets you see "Parsnips" in each. In any font size and your choice of bold or italic.

FontViewer showing some fonts for string "Parsnips"
Gather candidate fonts by clicking check boxes
and then clicking Ck to sort on that column

FontViewer's source code can be explored with SourceExplorer to study the flesh and bones of a Java Swing application. Click this screenshot to view it live.

image of source explorer
Click a tag on the left to highlight the corresponding code




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