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the three windows of the demo
The three windows of the demo
The Indexer demo—screen at right— is the application itself, but restricted to one text: the Book of Genesis. The initial terms list is heavy on proper nouns; you should play with the terms editor to add terms and subterms. Watch the context help in the bottom window; it explains whatever your mouse is pointing at.

Indexer is just a click away:

After you click the button, Java will display its icon and download the Indexer.jnlp file. Java then spends a good deal of time loading its runtime package. Finally it downloads Indexer.jar and begins execution. Altogether about two minutes.

Running the demo with JNLP protects you against malware (even though there is none in Indexer). JNLP programs run in a special cocoon environment separate from your disc system. The downside is the long startup and the restriction to a single text file.

Rather than wait for JNLP, It is faster to download Indexer and use it from your own system. The same demo can be run with the Demo Mode option on Indexer's Help menu.

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