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Windows explorer window after installing Indexer.jar
Files after double clicking InstallIndexer.jar

Running Indexer is just five mouse clicks away. Pick a directory, Dx, perhaps the directory with the book you want to index. Click here

and tell the downloader to put the file in that Dx directory. Now visit directoryDx and double click on the newly downloaded file. Et voilà! Indexer is installed. See the result at the right.  (You can now delete InstallIndexer.jar.)  To use Indexer, double click the Indexer shortcut, Indexer shortcut, on a Windows system. On any system you can double click the Indexer.jar file.

Your can copy the Indexer shortcut to your desktop or into the project directory.  Or drag it to the Windows Start icon and then onto the start menu.

Sketch of context help window
Dynamic context help for page text

When running Indexer, Choose Help from the Help pulldown menu. It opens the dynamic context help window shown in the lower right. As the mouse moves, this window changes to describe what lies under the mouse.

Be sure to prepare text files for Indexer so you can edit the manuscript. This is covered under:

a page in the Indexer User's Guide.

When you install Indexer, the static help files are also installed, and can be browsed directly or from a menu item in Indexer.

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