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Java steaming cup doc with "J" HybridUTF8Charset.java A UTF-8 recognizer that also recognizes most subsets and corrects manyu errors.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" HybridUTF8Provider.java The mechanism for providing HybridUTF8 as a recognized CharSet.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" IOUtils.java Various filename and directory utilities
Java steaming cup doc with "J" Message.java Present messages to a user in a scroll
Java steaming cup doc with "J" SSColor.java Subclass of cColor with a general color name parser. Includes a list of colors.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" SSNumber.java Subclass of Number with a parser for most forms of number
Java steaming cup doc with "J" StringMap.java Map from String to String. Persistent, saved within seconds.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" StringScanner.java A StringScanner object marks both ends of a substring. Operations available advance to various kinds of substring.



PrintableEncodings - encoder/decoder for uuencode base64 quoted-printable CompressEngine is the unix "compress" utility. UncompressInputStream undoes the compression done by the Unix compress utility. The version here fixes a bug wherein codes near the end of the stream may be incorrectly processed. The bzip2 compression/decompression is supported by the CBZip2... methods. HybridUTF8Reader is an InputStreamReader that decodes UTF-8. It also corrrects various errors that can be introduced with manual editing of UTF-8 files.

Messages test produce this text

test beep 
test dialog box 
EXCEPTION: no such file   (nosuchfile (The system cannot find the file specified)) 
Really long meaningless message with little or nothing interesting to say endeavoring to try to occupy multiple message window lines 
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