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From time-to-time, I have posted various bits of advice on Java coding. Some of the more general ones I've collected here.

Getting started
What is the general form of an interactive Java program
User Interfaces
How to coordinate all the various kinds and sources of user input
Adapting a diagram or image to the size of the window; mapping between window location and the represented space
Exception Handling
How to think about reducing and processing exceptions

Demo Programs

To run the demo of these various programs, download NotesDemo and double click it. (You must have Java installed.) The installer will unwrap itself into its current directory. Then double click the RunDemos icon.

src Jdoc class note
Java steaming cup doc with "J" ComboBoxRenderer.java Demonstration of how to write a Combobox with arbitray contents; in this case color swatched
Java steaming cup doc with "J" HansackedScrollPane.java Ho tocontrol the distance scrolled by the mouse wheel and the arrows at the ends of a scrollbar
Java steaming cup doc with "J" JEditStyles.java How to define styles and use them in a JEditPane
Java steaming cup doc with "J" LatLong.java Little class for holding a latitude-longitude value; with methods for conversion to various forms. See query.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" PixGrid.java Generate and manage a mapping between screen coordinates and LatLong values. See query.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" PixGridDemo.java Demonstrate PixGrid by mapping mouse coordinates to LatLong values for a diagram of flowers in a park. See query.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" SamplePanel.java Rudimentary graphics program suitable for expansion into an app.
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