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* This button downloads an installer jar. To install the app, put the jar in a folder and double-click it. Double click the application's icon to run it.

Code by itself is not informative; commentary can help. source explorer associates a note with each feature.When a read clicks on a efture name, the notes window is scrolled to show the note for that feature. Writing these notes is part of the fun of creating a tutorial.

As noted in more detail in building.php, build target explorables-0-init creates the tutorial directory xxx-tour for explorable class xxx. Notes are to be created in xxx-tour/notes. The 0-init target installs templates notes/SX-xxx-emptyNote.html and notes/SX-xxx-emptySubsetNote.html for feature notes and subset notes, respectively. You should revise them if you want any special formatting for notes. Then build target explorables-1-draft-each-note creates an empty note for each feature and subset. It is up to you to write the note bodies.


After writing notes, it is not too late to revise the templates. A build script has


The initial templates use stylesheet xxx-tour/SX-styles.css. You can revise this file. The templates also use

Typically each note is a sequence of paragraphs interspersed with snippets of code. Paragraphs should be narked with <p>...</p>; code snippets with <pre>...</pre>. By defailt, there are no blank lines before or after <pre> blocks. If you want extra space before a <pre> or <p> give it the class newpara, as in

<p class="newpara"> or <pre class="newpara">

code frags are <pre>
code should be flush left; indent unit is 4 spaces


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