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> Annals > 2006 > Aruba
Our visit to Aruba
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 Ellyn on a different trip this spring  So what if you have flamingos on your lawn; these are real  I've seen pictures on these canoes, but didn't realize they really do look this good in a photo  Fred enjoying Charlie's Bar, home of the nautical knick knack; San Nicolas, Aruba  An erstwhile driftwood shelter on Boca Grandi, Aruba
 Our red rental sits in front of the prison on Boca Grandi beach, Aruba  I could not see this in the glare, but the camera got a great shot in one of the caves along the Carribean in Aruba  Waves hitting a rocky cove on an Aruban-Carribbean beach  S atop the giant rock on the other side of the cove; curious marking on foreground rock  Cunucu Arikok, Arubu, is a park of sand, rock, and cactus surrounding prehistoric cave graffiti
 Tree shaped by the steady breeke from the sea[100_1824.JPG] Cave carved by wind and sea  I claim this looks like a whale with orange lipstick  Organ pipe cactus with bird's nest, Cunucu Arikok, Aruba  Organ pipe cactus with birds, Cunucu Arikok, Aruba  Prehistoric cave graffiti, Cunucu Arikok, Aruba
 Prehistoric graffiti in a sculpted cave, Cunucu Arikok, Aruba  Beach side dining area awaiting dusk  Dining on Aruba's northwest shore  Sunset from Aruba's northwest shore  The perfect end to a perfect wedding on Aruba's northwest shore
 Our exuberant guide at the butterfly preserve, Aruba  The butterfly is right in front  California Lighthouse, Aruba  S checks out the goodies at thealoe vera factory store  Mt Hooiberg from the Casabari Rock Formations , Aruba
 Sea spray near the former natural bridge, Aruba  The former natual bridge, Aruba
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