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> Annals > 2006 > Japan > Aug11
August 11&12 - Hiroshima, Miyajima Shrine, Kurashiki
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 Enjoying the shore at Miyajima Shrine  A torii marks an entry to a shrine  Maintenance is a constant for seaside dwellings--even those of gods  Guardian of the entry path  The shrine's sake suppliers leave their casks as advertising
 An adjacent shrine  The Bomb  Shadow left by vaporized woman waiting for bank to open  Pictures of the mushroom cloud taken from around Hiroshima  Photo of the devastation
 Before the bomb. Target was T-shaped bridge  After the bomb. Actual hypocenter is marked by red pole at the left (230 m off target)  Atom Bomb Dome stands still as an eternal reminder  The Peace Memorial houses the rolls of the dead and frames the Dome and the eternal flame between  Hiroshima, Aug 12, 2006
 Making a movie at Hiroshima station  The art museum features water lilies from Monet's pond, but allows no inside photos  Grandpa caught a cicada and I get to hold it  Wealthy merchant's house - Kurashiki; the well used to hide valuables in case of fire  Kitchen sink drains though wall ...
 ... and onto terrace of raised flagstones around the real well  A ten mat room; most houses have rooms of six or seven mats  One of the shrines in then house  Stove, with sink in background  This bride has already changed from the elegant kimono she wore for the ceremony
 Kurokoen Garden  Eight is a lucky number  Listening to people, birds, band, thunder
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