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> Annals > 2006 > Japan > Aug7
Aug 7 - Mt Fuji and Hakone
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 We were at Mt. Fuji; snow is gone for the summer  Everyone takes pictures; behind this monk is a shrine  Experience reveals no relation between prayer fulfilment and shrine size  Praying at the shrine for a safe ascent  Many pilgrims attempt the ascent each day; some stay overnight to view the sunrise
 The mountain gnarls its trees  Clouds swirl atop Mt. Fuji  A last peek at Fuji-san  Top deck (of three) on the ferry across Hakone lake  Clouds across lake at Hakone
 Sacred rock and Shinto shrine atop the mountain  The top station for the cable car  The slopes of Mt. Fuji, just below clouds at left and right  View of lake and golf course while descending in cable car
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