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> Annals > 2006 > Japan > Highlights
The most interesting pictures from Japan
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 Checking out the view straight down  Gazebo overlooking pond at Happo-en garden, Tokyo  Guardian between the entrace torii and the shrine (behind the camera)  Warrior in Imperial Palace public park  The shopping arcade from river to Asakusa temples
 Pagoda at Asakusa Temple, Tokyo  We were at Mt. Fuji; snow is gone for the summer  A last peek at Fuji-san  Clouds across lake at Hakone  The top station for the cable car, Hakone
 The lake at Inuyama, lunch time  Gears on the barrel weaver at the Toyota Museum, Nagoya  A main aisle in the weaving pavilion at the Toyota Museum, Nagoya  Sculpture in the square outside the central train station in Nagoya  Cheeky lad almost demanded to have his picture taken, Nagoya
 Recycling bins at Nagoya Castle  Nagoya Castle  Waiting for the Shinkansen  Tree in a courtyard, Imperial Palace, Kyoto  Pharmacy seen enroute to Todaji Temple, Kyoto
 Todaji Temple is in an area called  Patient ticket agent with elaborate headdress at Kasuga Shrine, Kyoto  Chock-a-block houses, Kyoto  Yellow garbage truck getting fueled up, Kyoto  A torii marks an entry to a shrine
 The Peace Memorial houses the rolls of the dead and frames the Dome and the eternal flame between  The art museum features water lilies from Monet's pond, but allows no inside photos  Checking out the artists wares, Kurashiki old town  This bride has already changed from the elegant kimono she wore for the ceremony  Listening to people, birds, band, thunder
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