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> Annals > 2006 > Japan > Week 9
by ZweiBieren Pittsburgh - Aug 14-20, 2006 Torii at Miyajima Shrine
Monday, August 21

need to add "->pictures" to parents of frame.hin

Caption that doesn't work when sent through a csh command line:
A caption tells us that these eggs in a horizontal jar were "in an iron cauldron at the bottom of funerary objects chest from Cheonmachong. ... In every tale about the establishment of Silla appears a hen or an egg. [This egg] represents both the birth of a new life and the resurrection."
  Need to send captions through a file instead of command line.

Tuesday, August 22

Very tired. Loafed about the house. Late afternoon I went to dentist for fourth visit about my tooth 16. Now have an appointment in October to get it fixed.

Wednesday, August 23

Still loafing. S left today to visit her Mom. E is working in Lawrenceville on a shoot, so she gets home early.

Thursday, August 24

Today I will tackle using the technique from Seth Duffey for displaying popup captions when a token is hovered. The first will be the tour map as a way to select picture sets for viewing. Steps:

adapt his caption file to have captions for the japan picture sets
adapt his script file so it works with japan map of tour
write script to produce the caption file from japantitles.txt
incorporate the map into pix/index.html

Data for a map image:
Data for a map location:
        X, Y      where this location appears in the image
        TARGET URL for a click on this location
        NAME       The dt contents
        CAPTION The dd contents

In the <style>
        dl#world.map.on {
          border:#999 1px solid;
          background:url(URL) no-repeat;
        dl.map.on a#uniqueid {
In the <body>
        <dt><a href="TARGET" class="location" id="uniqueid">
        <dd> CAPTION </dd>
where uniqueid is different for each point (autogenerate).

So the first task is to adapt mapevents.js to extract X,Y from the <dt> and create a point at that location in the map. Ideally the map would also be extracted from the <dl> and an object created for it.

The style file should be immutable.

It looks to me as though the existing script initializes each dt element once for each map that the file contains.  It also has a funny line:
This is funny because i is ranging over the few DLs in the file, instead of over the whole set of DTs.

Plan is to add information to the captions.txt file. Instead of the bogus saving of stdout, the index.html file contents will be created with a separate pass over captions.txt.

My map of Japan is on the other computer. And I haven't got access here (Boston Market) to a JavaScript manual. So the plan now is to create the Japan highlights file manually. It is a little different because the "hot spots" are the entire individual images. Indeed, I can do it without a big script; just little scripts for mouseover and mouseout.

Friday, August 25

Now I plan to just do the Japan pictures index as a map. I've created the map using an overlay in formati11 so the text is not blurred by pixel interpolation. DONE.

After too much dithering, I finally got working the map-overlay version of the index to Japan pictures.

Saturday, August 26

Some final tweaks to the Japan images index map. I made all the information local so auto-generation is easier. I made the icons be little eyeballs, to prompt mousing.
Created a generic Makefile scheme and added it to upper level directories.

-The links from Japan highlights page left column are wrong
- need captions and picture sequence in Japan highlights
- pix/apartment/index.html. grey backlink, but goes to:
         pix//index.html and this fails for relative links
use prev=(.)

use another captions file to make directories for Japan highlights and Korea highlights. Ignore their title files.

refer to week9???

./index.html is overwritten by .../pix/index.html  ?????

Have to modify KoreaHighlights.hin for its new destination (pix/KoreaHighlights/index.html)
same for JapanHighlights.hin
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