> Annals > 2006 > Korea
> Annals > 2006 > Korea
by ZweiBieren Our Asian Summer Sojourn  The lawn at the Yangpyeong resort. Boathouse on lake edge.

Susan taught American Politics at Summer Campus at Korea University. I went along as excess baggage. Here's some of what I saw and thought.

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  June 21-25
Pittsburgh to Seoul, via Chicago and Tokyo.
Getting a bank account. Shopping.
  June 26-July2
Classes begin. Opening reception.
Prof. Lee takes us to Walkerhill and the DMZ.
  July 3-9
Making a map of the DMZ. Trip to "resort".
Circle tour of Seoul.
  July 10-16
Hanyang University.  Lessons in Hangul. Samsung "tour". Water, gas & doorbell.
  July 17-23
Dinner at Prof. Lee's. Korean Folk Village. Group visit to Gyeongju.
  July 24-30
Lotte World. The President's dinner.
  Jul 30-Aug 5
Gyeongbok Palace, Bugakson Mountain, Insadong. Off to Japan.

Susan wrote her own letters about the trip. And here is her course, IIE337.

After Korea we toured Japan. For the full map of that trip, click this snapshot:

snapshot of the map showing our tour in Japan

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