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> Annals > 2007 > Becky-Shower
Becky's Baby Shower, June 2007
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Pictures named P1000... are by Joann Haggerty
 Becky and Derek all dressed up at Kara's wedding Ellyn readies her chocolate creations Susan is glad the time has come Fred avoids the hubbub Early guests: Alberta, Trish, Karen
 Fred shoots the early guests Chilling in the kitchen with Nora Joann, Trish, and Karen enjoying Hors d'oeurves It's a baby carriage! Susan serving up one of her quiches
 Sister points out the obvious At lunch: Derek, Joann, Trish, Alberta, Nora, Bex Conversing in the garden: Shirley, Brian, and Ellyn Daisy is ready and eagerly wagging The future grandparents and parents
 Time to open presents Bex digs in Derek checks out the clothes Rebecca checks out a fluffy thing A wee jumper
 Derek having a great time Bex shows her annoyance at a pushy paparazzo Strong packaging for a strong product The crowd assembled: Bex, Derek, Susan, Shirley, Karen, Ellyn, Nora, Joann, and Trish playing recorder What was Derek doing???
 All ready for halloween The crowd from the other side; there's Alberta Susan made a quilt for the happy occasion At last, a respite Relaxing in the kitchen with Joann
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