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> Annals > 2007 > Fall-Milestones
Mom and Two Unrelated Dogs
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Mom's 92nd at Joann's house in Chapel Hill, NC
 Mom getting the potatos passed to her at dinner Uncle Jack in a rare mellow mood Dinner was two magnificent and delicious whole baked fresh fish The cake stinted on the candles Isabel gave a gift and helped open it, too. Note the traditional hat
Daisy Christian, a Rememberance
Daisy Christian passed away today, December 12, 2007. She liked to sleep in the sun, and get snuggles on the sidelines at ultimate frisbee games. She loved walks, and got into any car with an open door. She snored. When she was younger she howled along with ambulances and the Wednesday tornado siren drill. She loved to sniff and root around in the dirt. She rarely barked, and if she ever got out of her collar she just stood there and waited for us to put it back on. We once let her out in the front yard (with no fence) and forgot about her for three hours. When we realized and went to go look for her, she was waiting on the front door step for us when we opened the door. Everyone who has ever had her snooze in their lap or walk with her will remember her forever.
 Daisy on the sidelines urging on her ultimate frisbee team.  The team color is orange, hence the neck band. Sniffing near her favorite tree Still sniffing Waiting for food in the kitchen Aha, food is on the way
 With Lucy by the lamp post Lucy and Daisy, sisters Daisy napping with Derek, August, 2001 Derek, Daisy, and Lucy share a nap Daisy enjoying a brief rest from guarding the flowers
Ellyn's new puppy
  Susan swims in a sea of shih tzu  Ellyn with her new puppy
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