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> Annals > 2007 > Florida
by ZweiBieren Spring, 2007 Sunny Florida heron in Florida
Friday, March 2, 2007

USAirways to Ft. Myers. National Car rental to Fred and Becky's. Lots of traffic. Most corners on direct streets have traffic lights.

Fred and Becky have a beautiful house with pool. S went swimming right away.

Three car garage; one third devoted to warehousing for their ebay sales work.

I adapted the MT logo for a wider width. Fred installed it and it looks great.

We went to see the sunset at a new mall and dined at an upscale pizza place.

In the evening we ventured to their recently added home theater with a projection video. On it we watched Fly Boys; excellent, if entirely predictable.

Saturday March 3

Went to Bob's to get the boat that he and Fred share. Bob's a builder and his house is even better than Fred's. We leisured through the canal (no wake allowed) and got out to the mainchannel under the bridge.
Fred and Becky realized we could visit Cabbage Cay, where Jimmy Buffet praised cheeseburgers. (maybe) So we zoomed the ten miles in about twenty minutes. Had cheeseburger. Took lots of pictures.

Sunday, March 4

In the AM we went to Sonlight Fellowship with Becky and Fred. Becky sings on the praise team. They are the choir, but are mostly singing along with the congregation. First we all sang. Then the preacher preached. Then collection. At the end I helped Fred stow the myriad pieces of electronics.

We lunched with church folk at nearby Mexican restaurant. Then visited the two condo units that F&B own.

Our next stop was out base of rthe rest of the week: La Quinta. They have wireless net connection.

We called S's other Florida cousin Ann. It turned out she and her son-in-law were wondering what to do with the huge Pampano he had just caught, so we went over and helped eat it.

Monday, March 5

Kayak ride through the marsh on Sanibel Island.
Lunch at Green Flash, overlooking bay
Back to Ann's for relaxation; reading Rainbow 6.
Picked up Chinese food for dinner.

Tuesday, March 6

Tram ride thru Ding Darling nature reserve on Sanibel in AM.
Late lunch at Ann's: viciouslydelicious chicken salad.
"Let's ride my bikes to the beach." Sonded good, I wanted a ride. Got there and it was a beach. No shade. No place to sit. I got right back on the bike and continued enjoying riding. Returned to Ann's and read some more in Rainbow 6.
Returned home and ate the rest of the Chinese.

Wednesay, March 7

Edison/Ford homes in Fort Myers. Lunch there (expensive).
Ford actually worked for Edison before becoming Henry Ford.
Ford gave a car to Edison, who did not drive, but loved to ride in it. Edison refused replacement cars, but Ford had it upgraded every spring.
Poolside for afternoon.
I called to find our plane time and discovered it was NOT our last day.
Happy hour (two Gin Tonics)
Dinner at Starz pizza place. Great place. (Asked for recommend for next night and heard of Fishmonger.)

Thursday, March 8

Pool, organize pictures, read more of Rainbow 6 (finished it in the plane home). Dinner at Fishmonger, great.
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