> Annals > 2007 > Kara-Wedding
> Annals > 2007 > Kara-Wedding
Kara and John get married
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 Sally's Dad--Richard Goodman, Shirley, John Pascone Greg shooting Fred shooting Greg Brian, the Dude Heather and Kyree, the first shot gets a smile The moms light the candles in the breeze. Sally Blackall, Mrs. Hood
 The best little flower girl Flowers done! Pastor xxx, John, photog, best man With mommy--xxx, xxx, Yo, Maid of Honor Proud papa and his little girl best man, Rich Hurrle, xxx, flower girl's dad, Brian
 Commitment Lighting the joint candle Niece and mother of groom The blessing of the parents Visiting andgel
 Inspecting the groomsmen Wandering over to inspect the ladies  The couple's first married kiss Greeting the world for the first time Receding flower girl and father
 Two pastors, doubly blessed To the hors douvres Kyree and Heather Bargaining for photo cooperation All but one of wedding party is ready to be shot
 Derek and Becky, a cousin Melanie enjoying the day Kathy Sajor, Sally's friend, and Kara's boss The couple with John's family From the hill in front of the hall
 The wedding hall, "Greystone Fields," in Gibsonia PA Nice smiles Recording the nice smiles xxx, smiling because she knows I'm shooting the flag coming out of her head Bliss
 Waiting for dinner The DJ, Brandon Cecil, friend of Kara Tiered calories and drumset for the drummer groom Kyree begrudging a smile The wedding party waiting to be introduced
 Still smiling With the groom's family table What does a bartender do at a dry wedding? Sally smiling Daddy's girl
 Kyree tries to get into the act John and his mom Kara's relatives First to be ready for John's family picture Melanie and John, to be married in three weeks
 Becky and Derek and their about-to-be first born
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