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> Annals > 2007 > Lindsay
by ZweiBieren Lindsay Christian newborn face
Lindsay Ellyn Christian
born 12:05 AM, August 3, 2007
weighing 8 pounds on the nose
with a length of 51 cm
after 30 hours of labor

hair: brown
eyes: mostly shut
personality: sleeps a lot, fusses little
skills: she sucks

Bethesda North Hospital
Links to photographs
by Unc' Z,
Aunt Ellyn,
Grandma C,
Grandma H,
and Daddy

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Becky's baby shower. We made a lottey picking Lindsay's birthday. (Though no one got around to collecting entry fees.) Becky was tired of being pregnant, so despite a due date of August 10, she picked August 1.
Nonetheless, I thought little of it when she called on that day to say she was having funny twinges in her belly. Probably, we both thought, Braxton-Hicks contractions.
Wednesday, August 1, 2007

When Rebecca called to report twinges on August 1, I thought little of it. Probably, we both thought, Braxton-Hicks contractions. So I later caught heck from Susan for not telling her of Rebecca's call. It seems that when they talked later in the day the twinges were considerably more. So Derek took her to the hospital.

"Yes," they said. "That is labor."

"No," they said. "You can't stay here."

Not enough labor yet. Come back when pains last for 60 seconds. Swell.

Thursday, August 2

Pains at 55 seconds long if walking. Longer if sitting. Finally went to hospital and got admitted. No too much progress. At 9PM it looked, Kim said, to be another 6 hours minimum. We went to bed.

Friday, August 3, 12:05 AM

Lindsay arrives. With little fuss and the usual bother. She and her mother both promptly went to sleep for the next day or so.

Saturday, August 4

Susan and I and Derek put the nursery together from the pieces and packages strewn over the living room floor. Nursing attempts were as frustrating as usual on the second day.

Sunday, August 5

Lindsay actually got some sustenance from Rebecca. They both came home. 

Monday, August 6

At 5, Lindsay had some sort of fit. Probably we later learned, a gastric reflux episode. Alarmed, she went to the Hospital. and then to Cincinnati Children's Hosptial. Armed with white coats, the doctors "persuaded" us into three invasive tests and three just-in-case anti-biotics. And a thirty-six hour observation period. (In my own curmudgeonly opinion, she is at greater risk of hospital generated disease than any of the things they talked about.)

Tuesday, August 7

With baby and parents away, the house is quiet. The workmen are finishing up the basement and are about one day away from done.
But they cannot come back until Thursday.

Wednesday, August 8

Today's the day the pick up Lindsay from the (second) hospital. The day looks warm, but I put Daisy-dog outside under her favorite tree since we would only be an hour or two. Four hours later we finally got home with Lindsay and Rebecca. Lindsay was fine and all tests were negative. (Well, duh.) Daisy-dog was a little droopy, but still walking around sniffing things. She recovered quickly and went out for another stint in the yard later on. The workman did yard work and got heat stroke, so he'll not be back this week.

Thursday, August 9

A busy day of moving stuff around and shopping, and what not. At 10:30 PM I finally put up the curtains in the basement that people had been nagging me to do for a couple of days.

Rebecca has settled into a routine: sleep, eat, pump. The breast pumping is necessary to get the milk to come in in sufficient quantity. And it will be useful to be able to bottle feed Lindsay with mother's milk. At least once a day Bex feeds Lindsay directly. This takes much longer. Lindsay inhales bottled milk at about two minutes the ounce. But she takes much longer to get much from the breast.

In the evening, we three Hansens went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. Big long chase scene, with a plot similar to the other Bourne movies. Finally we did get to understand something about what was really going on since the first movie.

Friday, August 10

Today I went to Starbucks and Brueggers and worked on the Makefiles for releasing the halo documentation. In the evening we played scrabble. Lindsay's belly button fell off.

Monday, November 26

Yesterday we returned from Thanksgiving at Lindsays. It was great. Lindsay herself is beginning to smile giggle and life; enjoying life rather than just living. She pushed down with her feet and gets her legs straight if you support her sides. She eats plenty; now weighs fourteen pounds. She often sleeps through the night. Especially when her mother's family is their to fill her day with strenuosity. Derek is now doing only one job, owning and running My Maid Service.  Rebecca seems to have got everything under control and can now decipher a murmur from three rooms away.

S was surprized that my dessert ingestion was limited to one bite of chocolate mousse cake and three bits of pecan pie. Perhaps this December will not be as caloric as previous ones.

E and I last visit two weekends ago. Before that the three of us here in Pittsburgh visited in October.  I had adopted two projects in R's house: house numbers and the light in the workroom. Both have all the pieces at the house and await completion. In talking to Bex about this trip, however, she strenuously objected to my working on either project. So each morning I went over to Bruegger's and worked on my ne wHim macro processor. I did the arithmetic calculation macro and redesigned the search facility.

Our trip home was uneventful. Picked up pizza at Giant Eagle for supper.

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