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> Annals > 2007 > Melanie
by ZweiBieren Melanie and Brian Get Married Model powerboat named "Riverside Marine Service" with newlyweds kissing aft and tiny white dog in the bow
Melanie Cestra and Brian Blackall, like thousands of others, chose July 7--that is 7-7-07--for their wedding. He's my nephew via S's brother Brian. The day before the wedding the bride was busy. But Brian made time to take his visiting relatives for a ride on Pittsburgh's rivers in his boat. (pictures)
Brian piloting his powerboat under a bridge

The ceremony was traditional at the Linway Presbyterian Church in Versailles. From my vantage point on the aisle in the third row on the grooms side, I got lots of (pictures) .
interior of Linway Presbyterian Church, Versailles, PA

Later the reception was at Banquets Unlimited in  nearby Wilmerding. (pictures) We had a great time at the party. The cake topping boat, shown above, is named "Riverside Marine Service" after the couple's business. Their dog is named Diesel and is a large-size real-life version of the miniature in the bow.
arty shot through ice sculpture of the bride cutting the cake

Many reception photos were unusable because I moved the camera. So if I took your picture and it isn't here, I'm sorry.

I don't know some of Melanie's relatives. Any help you can give me in fixing the captions will be appreciated. zweibieren@physpics.com.

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