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> Annals > 2007 > MelanieAndBrian
Melanie marries Brian Blackall
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The Ceremony
 Linway Presbyterian, North Versailles, PA Interior of Linway Presbyterian Church, North Versailles, PA Chancel of Linwood Presbyterian Here comes the bride! Melanie Cestra Who giveth this woman? Her mother and I.
 Do you Brian take this woman? Do you Melanie take this man? Marriage is a rock I now pronounce you Man and Wife Lighting the candle of union
 You may kiss the bride Friends, May I present, Mr. and Mrs. Blackall The bride's family The bride's family smiling Melanie an island of calm amid the groom's family chaos
 The groom's family
The reception
(Many photos were unusable because I moved the camera. So if I took your picture and it isn't here, its my fault. I'm sorry. I don't know some of Melanie's relatives. Any help you can give me in fixing the captions will be appreciated. zweibieren@physpics.com.)
 It was a beautiful day Banquets Unlimited in Wilmerding Preparing to quench thirsts Ready with 21,000 songs Brian's Aunt Patty and Aunt Susan
 Melanie's Mom   Melanie arriving at the reception Brian second
 The happy couple ready to be introduced Don't play that song Aunt Susan gets her ham on Aunt Patty and cousin Ellyn got chicken, roast beef, and pasta, too Aunt Karen has a big smile; Shirley, Ellyn, and Rebecca check out the hand stamped napkins
 And so does Aunt Patty Uncle Greg animates the centerpiece Wife of best man and best woman herself Greeting the guests Uncle Robert and Brian standing; John Kara, and Brian's Mom Sally
 Sally, Kara, and John Cutting the cake is a joint project Photog gets arty and shoots thru the ice sculpture Getting ready to feed each other Sally, John, Kara, and Uncle Greg
 Diesel in the prow; Boat proclaims "Riverside Marine Service" They enjoy their first dance   Rebecca (at 8 months) tests the dripping waters
 Melanie and her dad  The crowd watches, enthralled Brian and his mom
  The cake topper, up close Engraved flutes Cake topper visits empty head table Saying goodbyes
 Their first formal picture
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