> Annals > 2007 > Peru-Ecuador > Cusco
> Annals > 2007 > Peru-Ecuador > Cusco
Cusco, the Incan Capital
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 Jesuit Church in Cusco central square Behind the tight surface, Incan blocks are interlocked with bronze poured into channels Indolent Cerberus defends three of the many portals to the world below the street, Cusco Tower that the Spanish added to the Incan Temple of the Sun, seen from ruins being restored to its North  Modern shops opposite an ancient wall
 Anna explains the map of the four kingdoms comprising Tawantinsuyu (the Incan name for its empire) We were there - the Temple of the Sun's porch, overlooking downtown Cusco  This modern painting evokes the Incan belief in imaginary lines linking their outlying towns and shrines; Temple of the Sun, Cusco Anna explains while the Curandero builds a packet to burn for the healing ceremony, Cusco Susan is blessed by the curandero; he glides the packet around her and prays
 Flower in garden of La Merced Church and Convent, Cusco An incarnation of the Inca poses for the tourists at Kenko Susan feeds a vulture at Sacsayhuaman, outside Cusco Susan dwarfed by the immense stones in walls at Sacsayhuaman, outside Cusco The rocks are joined with exquisite care, here seen at Sacsayhuaman
 Rosemary surveys the ceremony/playing field at Sacsayhuaman Cusco as seen looking south from Sacsayhuaman, the sun strikes Cristo Blanco on the left  A local family treated us to a feast on guinea pig at their home The daughter practiced math with me Dinner at the Fallen Angel: Ron, Janet, Vern, Joann, Sarah, Susan, and myself
 Fred gets a shoe shine and pays too much Kantuta, Peru's national flower, and a rainbow
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