> Annals > 2007 > Peru-Ecuador > Lima
> Annals > 2007 > Peru-Ecuador > Lima
Lima, Peru
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 Anna, our tour guide, posing before grill work at National Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, Lima Elaborate pot, National Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, Lima Park above Larcomar Mall, Miraflores, Lima Quipu - Incan data storage How pots were made, Larco Museum, Lima
 One small corner of three rooms storing old pots. Larco Museum, Lima Police assault vehicle, preparing for a demonstration, Lima Painting a church, Plaza de Armas, Lima School parade for its saint's day, Lima Boy and pigeon, Plaza de Armas, Lima
 Church of Santo Domingo, Lima Chapel of the Virgin of the Rosary, Church of Santo Domingo, Lima Susan enjoying lunch at the El Templo, Larcomar, Lima Guitar bar at La Dama Juana, Lima Native dance exhibition, La Dama Juana, Lima
 Tree, overlooking Larcomar from its northwest, Lima Lovers statue in Parque de Amor, Miraflores, Lima Huaca Pucllana ancient ruins - library-style bricks Huaca Pucllana used to extend well beyond those modern apartment buildings, Miraflores, Lima Erotic pot from the special collection at Larco Museum, Lima
 The Inca and a spirit, done in pots, Larco Museum, Lima Tiered quipu, Larco Museum, Lima Inca gold: miniature warrior, full size nose and ear decorations. Uncomfortable? Larco Museum, Lima
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