> Annals > 2007 > Peru-Ecuador > MachuPicchu
> Annals > 2007 > Peru-Ecuador > MachuPicchu
Machu Picchu, Stone Village in the Sky
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 Fred at Machu Picchu, from the guardian hut Religious area on the left, worker area on the right, and Huayna Picchu in the distance; from city gate area, Machu Picchu Lizard chewing grass while contemplating Machu Picchu The Temple of the Sun at Machu Picchu Temple of the Sun from below; the altar is the top of the huge stone; Machu Picchu
 Eddy and Bill await us at the temple plaza, Machu Picchu Carved rocks mimic the mountains (Putukusi on the left), Observatory, Machu Picchu  "Hitching post", where the priests tied the sun to reverse its course in the heavens; Observatory mound, Machu Picchu Machu Picchu itself is the mountain high above the agricultural terraces (the guardian hut sits atop the terraces) Us at Machu Picchu
 Shot of pipeline to village in valley, from guardian hut, Machu Picchu The Inca trail ends at the city gate, Macchu Pichu Anna enjoys telling us all about Machu Picchu The lone tree at dusk, Machu Picchu The lone tree in silhouette, Machu Picchu
 Ground squirrel at Machu Picchu Bromeliads, the lone tree, worker area (on the east side), and Huayna Picchu Abstract art at Machu Picchu Intricate stonework outside the Royal Chamber, Machu Picchu Mother working at her lawn maintenance task while kid feeds, Main Lawn, Machu Picchu
 Susan on the Inca trail! [Joann Davis] Fitted with an old style roof, hut serves as storage at Machu Picchu Worker's area on the east side, with lone tree and Huayna Picchu "Perro de Fredo" - Dog image I discovered in the Condor's south wing at Machu Picchu Observatory on the right; down the middle are Machu Picchu mountain, the guardian hut, the agricultural terraces, and the main lawn
 Mr. Llama comes a calling (she ran away) Mr. Llama chased her right into me! Corridor in the worker's area at Machu Picchu Two of the ten switch backs on the bus road from Aguas Caliente, seen from the worker's area at Machu Picchu Wayna Huayna Picchu and Huayna Picchu seen across the main lawn of Machu Picchu
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