> Annals > 2007 > Peru-Ecuador > Peru-Animals
> Annals > 2007 > Peru-Ecuador > Peru-Animals
Animals I shot in Peru
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 Indolent Cerberus defends three of the many portals to the world below the street, Cusco Susan feeds a vulture at Sacsayhuaman, outside Cusco Lizard leaking a grass morsel and overlooking Machu Picchu Bird exploiting a natural birdbath at Machu Picchu Llama interrupts lawn work to stare at me, Machu Picchu
 Ground squirrel at Machu Picchu "Perro del Fredo" - Dog image I discovered in the Condor's south wing at Machu Picchu Amorous llama pursues female right into me at Machu Picchu Guinnea pigs feeding as the hens stagger by Guinnea pigs in a home in Ollantaytambo
 Supper steeping in pot on fire, dog sleeping, a fraction of the guinnea pig herd doing likewise; kitchen end of a family house in Ollantaytambo Llama ignores Fred at Seminarios Ceramics, Urubamba
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