> Annals > 2007 > Peru-Ecuador > Quito
> Annals > 2007 > Peru-Ecuador > Quito
Quito, Ecuador
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 Helping mommy sell the goods at the park in Quito with the Eiffel building Independence Square and Cathedral, Quito The lion of spain and the cross of the church being ousted from the land by Ecuadorean heroes, Independence Square, Quito Guide Patricio and Wanda in front of Iglesia de la Compaņia de Jesus, Quito Susan and I span the globe (I'm the southern hemisphere) at the Inti-Nan museum near Quito
 I balanced an egg on its short end on the equator at the Inti-Nan museum, near Quito Susan and Patricio visiting the Botanical Garden, Quito This mundane fitting is essential to the beauty around it at the Botanical Garden, Quito The hothouse entrance in the Botanical Gardens, Quito, sports a conical roof, seen here from the inside Yellow Canna Lily at Botanical Garden of Quito
 Orchid at Botanical Garden of Quito Red flower (type?), Botanical Garden of Quito Six schools girls on a school outing at Independence Square, Quito  Sarah and I got our shoes shined for a buck, total, in Independence Square, Quito The Magic Bean restaurant has both a ceiling decoration and a huge mirror, Quito
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