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by ZweiBieren Annals of ZweiBieren, 2008 Preparing to descend from Torghatten
Preparing to descend from Torghatten
Polar bear on polar ice as shot from the Polar Star
Lindsay Christian, 8 months
Ellyn Hansen



Ellyn pix

an ice cluster in Newfield, New York formal pond in Heritage Park, Barrie, Ontario Butterfly in Airlie Gardens
Holly in Wrightsville Beach, NC
Spring Ontario Fall

For much of 2008 I developed a small business website: now playing at PittGlobal.com.  On August 12, I began taking daily pictures at the Elizabethan Herb Garden in Mellon Park; a walk of exactly half-a-mile from our house.  The pictures, diagrams, and text are mostly in the annals for next year.

We traveled in March to Horseheads and Solvay, New York, visiting Susan's brother Robert and her sister Trish (who is called Patty by everyone else). Before and after that have been the weekend trips to Cincinnati to check on Lindsay's progress.

Ellyn went to a wedding in Mexico. There and in New York she's taken many pictures of her own.

Late this Spring, in celebration of our fortieth, we cruised from Edinburgh to Svalbard, visitng the coast of Norway between. Then another trip to Cincinnati to tend Lindsay while her parents took their first vacation in a couple of years. They had a great time, but both got sick.  We had a great time, but Susan got sick.

In the Summer we vacationed at a timeshare not too far from Lake Simcoe, near Barrie, Ontario. The resort itself was not picturesque enough to yield any useful pix, but the trip was not without its sights

In both the Fall and Christmas we visited North Carolina. We celebrated the Birthdays of my Mom, my great-niece Isabel, and Jesus. On both trips we drove on down to Wrightsville where Jack's locum tenens position housed him in a beach-side home.

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