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Christmas in North Carolina
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Holly in Wrightsville Beach, NC
Holly Sprig -
Beach, NC
This year my family gathered at sister Joann's in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. S and I stayed at my mom's place, Croasdaile Farms, Durham. On Christmas day we had Mexican at niece Tanya's. She and her husband Tavo have done a remarkable job of fixing the place up. Meg was supposed to have arrived that night, but they got no farther than halfway down their block before getting stuck in the snow. So they arrived the next day. For ous family Christmas was on the 27th. We all had the usual wonderful time unwrapping and exclaiming over the goodies.

On Moday we all sallied forth to the house in Wrightsvile Beach that Jack had been using for his position as a locum tenens. The walks on the beach were beautiful. Dinner at Indochine was delightful. Our waiter, Chuck, wrote nothing down and yet delivered everything direct to its requestor.

I dispaired of getting enough people to fill in taking pictures of the Herb Garden in Pittsburgh. After all, it is not much to look at in the winter. So I took pictures of one or another North Carolina garden every day, although some days this got put off until night time.

 Sky, tree, gazebo, and pond at Croasdaile Farms; hardly seems like December The best waves are near Johnnie Mercer's Pier, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina Gulls await supper Reasoning with a clam Mom decorated her door for the holidays at Croasdaile Farms
 Decorated hydrant watches the submarine try to escape the sea slug The North end of Wrightsville Beach gets dressed up for the holidays; the mailbox on the bench invites you to leave a message ! Gulls on a glide path to partake of tourists provender Susan and Fred enjoying the sun (Fred's hat is behind Susan)
 The fence flows together in the distance keeping no one out of the Botanical Garden Joann helps Tanya prepare our Mexican feast Wave battered pier pilings One tree by the pond at Croasdaile Farms, Durham NC Beachcombing for natural treasures
 Constant renovation in a desparate attempt to make money at the hotel Surf's up! Johnnie Mercer's Pier, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, at sunset Holly by the sound A tree spans the night sky at the Botanical Garden
 Walking from the gazebo at the pond Nighttime at the North Carolina Botanical Garden Moorings share the quiet sound behind Wrightsville Beach Berry burdened branches A walk on the beach while pondering the Atlantic Ocean
 Crossing the pond's dam Gulls at sunset Looking south at twilight through Johnnie Mercer's Pier An unfriendly dam of rubble rocks Humpback shrubs
 Isabel practices photography Holly at Croasdaile Farms, Durham NC Two trees by the pond One of the more benevolent bugs in the garden !
 Isabel invents a way to celebrate Joann and Susan taking on the world, together Mom reads to Isabel at Isabel's house The sun sets behind beach houses at Wrightsville Beach Pier at sunset
 What mysteries await? Gull pretending he is a flamingo In the garden at the Pavillion of CroasDaile Farms Erosion has nearly undermined this hotel on Wrightsville Beach Sunset over the sound
 Curiously, this sign is alongside a road and not at its end Catching a wave at sunset near Johnnie Mercer's pier Near the pond; denizens of the "wetlands" The grand lobby of the CroasDaile Farms Pavillion, from outside at night The pond's guardian angel
 So why even have the sign?  (For the Summer tourist crowd, no doubt.)
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