> Annals > 2008 > Norway > May29
> Annals > 2008 > Norway > May29
May 29 - Torghatten, the island with a hole
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 Upper entrance to the trek through the hole in Torghatten Looking back toward the mainland from the entrance to the hole in Torghatten Climbers emerging from the lower entrance to the hole through Torghatten I fell near the tree just above the blue cap The view while descending from the lower Torghatten entrance
 The national flower of Norway is the purple heather; it only seems like it should be the dandelion  Returning to the zodiac landing area on Torghatten Yes, you can see through the hole in Torghatten, right from the deck of the Polar Star Peter Daas's church; notice the huge parking lot in this remote corner of Norway Solid rock has been hewn away to make room for the visitor's center
 Polluting the Norwegian shore is a no-no
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