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> Annals > 2009 > Delaware Shore > Pictures
Sojourning in Bethany Beach
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Shore Scenes
 Bethany Beach beach  Fenwick Island State Park  Fenwick Island State Park  Jetty seen from the Cape May-Lewes Ferry while leaving Lewes
Yellow Flowers
 Lakeside in Longwood Gardens  Horseshoe crab collectors busy at work  Showing off his kelp  Enjoying the art in the Idea Garden at Longwood Gardens
 Fenwick Island State Park  No snow, just foam at Bethany Beach beach  Chincoteague  Chincoteague
 A robin surveys the Italian Water Garden at Longwood Gardens  Long view of  the Italian Water Garden at Longwood  The innards of the southwest corner of the Main Fountain Garden at Longwood. Note the two jets in the middle for spectacularly high squirts.  The Main Fountain Garden at Longwood
 Fiddler crab at Chincoteague.  Shot with my highest zoom.  Turtle carcase washed up on Bethany Beach  Wild horses at Chincoteague  The deer sees you. Do you see him?
Twisted Trees at Chincoteague
Flashy flowers at Longwood Gardens
Storm Tossed Shore at Bethany Beach
Around Bethany Beach
    On a boardwalk at Chincoteague.
Too Good to Leave Out
 In the Conservatory at Longwood  In the Conservatory at Longwood  Sand is piped to Bethany Beach from barges in the bay  The sun sets over a Bethany Beach home
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