Easter lily   EASTER, 2009

What does Easter mean to a UU man?

UU Men's Group
April 8, 2009, 7:30PM

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  Easter is the Christian celebration of the death of Christ and His subsequent disappearance from the tomb. It occurs nears the spring equinox as do many cultural traditions of spring rites, some of which are listed in Wikipedia. The "Last Supper" was a Passover meal, so Easter should occur two days after that holiday. It does not. The date has varied as described by the History Channel.

From its long history, Easter can mean many things to different people:

  • Spring is here
  • Hope for the future
  • Flowers are emerging
  • Time to remember family
  • Coloring eggs
  • Big family dinner
  • Marshmallow "Puffs"
  • Jelly beans and chocolate
  • Start the Spring diet
  • Easter bunny
  • Fertility rites
  • Majestic music
  • Full church, extra services
  • Grave robbery
  • Resurrection of the dead
  • Redemption via Christ's sacrifice

The topic for the April meeting of the UU Men's Group is

What does Easter mean to a UU man?
This is really two questions:
What does Easter mean to you personally?
What does Easter mean to some hypothetical UU man?

If you could take a moment to answer for yourself, it would help me prepare for the discussion; please send me a short note.

As for myself: When I was growing up, Easter Sunday was my dad's biggest sermon of the year. Nonetheless, we kids were treated to the full panoply of coloring eggs, Easter baskets, chocolates, and jelly beans. A formal family meal followed the service. To this day my mom looks forward to Easter because the stores will be carrying the little marshmallow "puffs" chicks in pastel colors.

My dad did not emphasize Jesus's pain nor the redemption and forgiveness of sins that is supposed to be symbolized by the crucifixion. (My dad assumed that God was good and would always forgive our sins. My dad himself had too many occasions to forgive my sins; and always did.)

So that's it for me: Easter means candy and a formal family meal after church. Nowadays I often skip the church part.

Fred Hansen

Two men responded to the above note. Anonymous versions of their notes are on another page.

Addendum: Here are a few of the UU Men on a boat trip in August. Yes, I myself am ghostly there: check out the reflection.

UU Men on a boat trip