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> Annals > 2009 > Seattle > Pictures
Seattle Sights, My Photos
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Flowers and Insecta
Animals of Various Kinds
 Deer inside our camp  Gull surveying Puget Sound from the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry  Susan enjoying Tea with Friends on the road to Hoh Rain Forest  Fred on Spruce Trail in Hoh Rain Forest
The Carpenters
 Shy sister surveys the brush in Bellevue Botanical Garden  Wyatt poses by incense burner in Bellevue Botanical Garden  Wyatt enthusiastically poses with Mom overlooking Mt. St. Helens  Wyatt checks out the art in Bellevue Botanical Garden
People Seeing Scenery
 Contemplating the Bellevue Botanical Garden  Checking out fallen treens girding the Spruce Nature Trail in Hoh Rina Forest  Ignoring the view from the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry   Point to a special view from the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry
Susan and the Big Trees in the Hoh Rain Forest
Rangers in the Hoh Rain Forest
Big Old Mossy Trees
Airport and Ferry
Mount Saint Helens
 My camera does panoramas; but your screen is too small  Mt. St. Helens at the right; lava flood plain below  Gully being carved in the lava flood plain  Denuded hill behind where I was standing for the previous shot
Water and a Fence
 Spirit Lake is still laden with thousands of blast-borne trees  Crescent Lake in the morning from our cabin  Crescent lake looking west from our cabin  Moss shrouded stream in Hoh Rain Forest
 Seashore in Makah Reservation  Seashore in Makah Reservation  Crescent Lake at dusk from the south shore  Fence near our cabin
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