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> Annals > 2010 > HiLights
Best pictures of 2010
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 Ellyn&s wedding party posing before the ceremony at Phipp&s Conservatory  Lindsay concentrates on a puzzle  The father of the bride carrying the webcast mobile studio  Lindsay enjoying a book at Great-grandma&s birthday party  A BEAR! In Yellowstone National Park
 A ground squirrel in Yellowstone National Park  Two camels, four pyramids, and a rock  Approaching the Treasury through the Siq, Petra  Our buggy from the entry to the Treasury, Petra  A new pool at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park
 In the garden of Harry Truman&s favorite place in Key West  Fungus adorning an ancient root in Karen&s garden  Lighting a candle in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre  Long-time sponsor&s banner displayed above the Prairie Home Companion stage, Wolf Trap  The Royal Academy of Radio Actors performs at Prairie Home Companion, Wolf Trap
 A frozen lake in Glacier National Park  Moutain peaks in Glacier National Park  Striated mountian in Glacier National Park  A mountain in the Grand Tetons  Sunset over Bozeman, from the porch of Josie&s Bozeman Bed & Breakfast
 Susan&s chocolate covered oreos at Trish&s shower for Ellyn  The first puzzle in my collection; from Aunt Lizzie  Pieces in the puzzle set I made; most choices of six pieces assemble into a six piece burr  A six piece burr puzzle made from my set of pieces  A pyramid in the puzzle colllection
 Mediterranean seaside at Alexandria, Egypt  Stairs in Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas  Corridor linking gun bays in Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas  A simple chapel overlooking the Sea of Galilee at Capernum  Dawn at Edfu, Egypt
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