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> Annals > 2010 > Lindsay
Lindsay 2 and 3
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 Lindsay enjoying Mickey more than eating  For Me?! A birthday cake! I&m 3 now!  Daddy gave me a halo for halloween!  I&m in the snow!  Lucy enjoys her Christmas treat
Two showers and a wedding
 It goes just like this  Playing with cousin Isabel at Great grandma&s place  Lokk at that! In my book!  Hmm. What&s goin& on behind Mommy&s back  Dancing at the Wedding. Devin&s Mom, Aunt Joan, Mommy, and the Bride, Ellyn
Christmas, age 3
 Look, Mommy, I&m an engineer, too, driving my train  Ooh, Daddy, what&s in here?  Grandma looks on with barely suppressed glee  Modern family communication  Mommy is cooking! Looks yummy!
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