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> Annals > 2010 > Mideast > MoreCairo
More from around Cairo
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 You can climb to see a bit inside Khufu's pyramid  The sphinx and Khafre's pyramid  A street in Alexandria  Cairo Tower at dusk  Throughout Egypt, homes sprout vertical rebar in anticipation of eventual additional stories for the families of offpring
 Khufu's pyramid with people climbing up to see inside  A broken corner of Khufu's pyramid; by climbing to it, you can just barely decipher the sign--it forbids climbing  The current home of Khufu's Solar boat   Watching the pyramid from the foundation of its temple
 Me on a camel  Dynamite was an archelogic tool in the 19th century; note the enclosed vertical surface  The pyramids of Khafre, Menkaure, and the latter's queen  Descending into a tomb  Inside a plain tomb
 The pyramids of Khafre, Menkaure, and the latter's queen as seen across some of the other funerary structures in the area   Carol, Judy, Jan, the sphinx, and all that  Yes, the sphinx has a backside, too  Entering Saqqara through the world's oldest hall of pillars
 Approaching the Step Pyramid across its plaza   Carvings cover the surfaces in the Saqqara necroplis; some retain their original colors  The Step Pyramid seen through two of the forty-two temples--one per region--built around its plaza  Taking a rest in the hall of pillars, Saqqara
 Tne hall of pillars on entry to Saqqara  Roman ruins in Alexandria  Fragment that had attached letters: alpha, rho, iota, sigma(?)  Apartment buildings across from the catacombs  Our bus and driver in  Egypt
 Three sisters on holiday  Two birds in Alexandria  Brian smiles at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo  Lambs ready for the feast celebrating the end of this year's Hadj, Cairo  Outside the Carvery, on the way to Saqqara
  Guide Bassem describes the "Hanging Church", Cairo  The Citadel, Cairo  Inside the dome at the Cathedral Church of All Saints, Cairo
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