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by ZweiBieren Annals of Zweibieren, 2011:
New Software
Tanya and Alex Flores

A Year of Family

This is a year of family. At least four visits to my sisters and four to our grand-daughter in Cincinnati. Details are in the pictures file.

Princess Lindsay and the Animals

Lindsay: At Grammy's house, at Swaim Park, birthday Four, at the zoo, and with the kitten.

Costa Rica, Panama, and the Canal

Susan planned a trip to Panama and Costa Rica to decompress immediately after finishng her third book. Click above for the highlights of her trip. More pictures are available: More.


The FontViewerSource window
FontViewer Source main window
I spent Winter and Spring overhauling this website. The first few weels of Summer I revised the Indexer tool I wrote for Susan's book.

In August I completed a new Slide Show feature. Click on the Slideshow button, top-left on any picture index page.

In December I released FontViewer and its tutorial, at the right. FontViewer shows you your fonts and helps you choose among them. The tutorial shows you the source of FontViewer with options to color or hide the code for any feature or selection of features.

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