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> Annals > 2011 > Selected
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2011 seemed an endless round of desultory travels; mostly involving family.
  • Spring break, North Carolina to see my sister at home and Susan's sister at a timeshare in Myrtle Beach.
  • May: Cincinnati
  • June: Susan took in Panama and CostaRica.
  • July: Cincinnati for Lindsay's birthday; also a wedding at the ballpark.
  • August: Erwin for Brian's birthday; also a wedding at a farm
  • August: Durham to see my mom while Joann went to Europe; the trip featured an extension tour to the Biltmore estate via Waltrip Racing World
  • August: Seattle to see my other sister, Meg
From a timeshare in Myrtle Beach, SC
 Rainbow over the Atlantic, March  Beach House at Dusk, Myrtle Beach, SC  Condo glowing in the setting sun, Myrtle Beach  The evening sun catches a wave, Myrtle Beach, SC  Looks just like a model, but more expensive, Myrtle Beach SC
 Groovin' on the trampo, Lindsay age 3  Look ! Books for my birthday! Lindsay age 4  Oooh. I woner what's in this one? Lindsay age 4  Cake *is* serious stuff! Lindsay, age 4  Joy is best expressed by bouncing ones hands up and down. Lindsay, age 4
On the July trip to Cincinnati, we finally got a look at Fort Ancient. About the time of Christ the natives living in southern Ohio built a ring of earthworks five and a half kilometers long surrounding a level hill top. No one knows why. My guess is they built it as a bison trap. The long arms of the northern berms would funnel a stampeding herd through the narrow opening into the southern ring. Only a few men would be needed at the opening to prevent the herd's escape. Of course this theory would be more tenable were someone to discover that there actually were bison in Ohio.
 Grinning on the carousel, Lindsay age 3  Lindsay visits her grandma's garden in Pittsburgh, Age 4  Lindsay visits her grandma's garden in Pittsburgh, Age 4  Earthwork at Fort Ancient showing the steep drop-off outside the mound  Entry from from the north to the Southern walled meadow at Fort Ancient
In Raleigh, NC, Tanya and Tavo were personally unharmed by the tornado. But it did take all their trees except the one it smashed through the roof into the living room.
 Melanie and Brian enjoying young Zoe  Grandpa Brian holding a skeptical Zoe  The Flores: Octavio, Tanya, Alex, and Isabel  Fred tasting the estate wine at Biltmore  Inside Waltrip Racing. There are sixteen cars for each driver. Here are the rows for 47 and 00.
The Biltmore estate of George Vanderbilt
 Cutting the hedge at Biltmore.  Note the marker line at the bottom; laid with surveyors tools and a laser  Succulents in a planter at Biltmore  Susan poses outside the grandstaircase at Biltmore  Biltmore was created by a less-rich member of the Vanderbilt family  Sunset over the blue ridge mountains, from Windswept B&B, Marion VA
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