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> Annals > 2012 > GrandCanyon
Grand Canyon, South Rim
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 Dawn looking East from Hopi Point, Grand Canyon  Grand Canyon's Bright Angel trail starts at the camera, winds around Maricopa Point on the left, and offers a side excursion to the plateau in the middle  Here we are at the entrance to Hermit's Rest, Grand Canyom Village  Rocks glowing at sunset, Hopi POint, Grand Canyon  Fawn disturbed at tea time
 Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, 10:30AM. Grandview Trail winds below in the foreground  Beleaguered tree holds the edge at dawn, Grand Canyon  Colorado River in the Grand Canyon  Vain raven posing for me  Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
 Grand Canyon unsuccessfully hides behind a tree  Colorado River in the Grand Canyon  Susan thinks that viewing this Grand Canyon elk will improve your life  Grand Canyon looking west from Desert Tower  Desert Tower, Grand Canyon
 Where Unkar Creek flows in from the north is the Unkar Delta, site of many ancient artifacts  Careworn cedar chopped and chewed  Eastern Grand Canyon and Colorado River from Desert Tower  Susan bags another trail  Western Grand Canyon at sunset
 Intrepid hiker with two ski poles begins a planned six day hike on an icy trail  Western Grand Canyon at sunset  Dawn paints the canyon, as seen from Hopi Point  The Colorado River flows in deepest Grand Canyon at sunset  Sunrise on our last day, Williams Arizona, 5:58AM
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