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> Annals > 2012 > LasVegas
Taking in the Shows in Vegas
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Shows in Las Vegas
When we first got reservations to Las Vegas I immediately signed up for the Penn and Teller show. Amazing. Cirque du Soleil was also amazing; we saw La Rêve and Zumanity.
 Cirque du Soleil - La Rêve - The pool steams before the show at the Wynn, Las Vegas  Cirque du Soleil - La Rêve - Enormous blooms overhead after the finale  Leo outside MGM Grand, Las Vegas  Slot machines await the idle rich at the Rio, Las Vegas  My new friend Penn Gillette after an amazing show at the Rio, Las Vegas
Hoover Dam
Among the exhibits is a great film of the construction made at one frame a day. Despite having to invent much of the needed construction technology, the project finished early and under budget. Among the tasks was developing a cooling plant and piping to hasten the cement cooling from 200 years to as many days. They also had to build a pipe fabrication plant on site since the necessary size of pip could not be shipped to the site.
 Hoover Dam showing the canted tower bring power up from the generators far below  Our guide waits with us for the elevator from the bottom of Hoover Dam  560 ton rotor out for repair at Hoover Dam  The eight generators on the west side of Hoover Dam (Eight more on the East)  Model showing construction of Hoover Dam in interlocked sections
Red Rocks outside Vegas
We visited Red Rock Canyon with a new camera on Friday, but failed to charge it overnight. So we only have one picture from Saturday's trip to the Valley of Fire.
 Red Rock Canyon - north wall - the red wall - note the people  Red Rock Canyon - just west of the red wall - the lines come from layered, fossilized sand dunes  At Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas  Joshua tree and butte just across the highway from red rock canyon  Petroglyphs on Atlatl Rock in the Valley of Fire. I suspect they are an actual map, not some phantamagoria as is usually claimed.
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