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> Annals > 2012 > Med Cruise > ItalyI
Italy - Susan's picks from Venice, Naples, Sorrento, and Pompei
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Venice - Plaza San Marco, Rialto bridge, and church of San Polo
 Porters transporting us and our luggage to our B&B in Venice. The only taxis in Venice are water taxis.  Our B&B actually had a clothes washer we could use.  And after four days we already had enough laundry to take advantage.  Tidal waters have benn unkind to this door as to so many others in Venice.  Finding one&s way is aided by numerous signs such as the one at the left for "Parrochia Di S. Stefano."  Vaporetto water taxis from near St. Mark&s Square.  Santa Maria della Salute across the entrance to the Grand Canal.  This vendor&s wares outside Piazza San Marco in Venice are only a bit more gaudy than the others.
 At the entrance to Piazza San Marco in Venice the lancer stands atop a pillar returned   as spoils of the Crusades from Constantinople. The Doge&s Palace is at the right.  Basilica San Marco and the Campanile, Piazza San Marco, Venice  Basilica San Marco and the Campanile from the west-end collonade of Piazza San Marco, Venice  Basilica San Marco Venice. Originally just a chapel for the Doge&s Palace, right rear.  Fred and Susan outside Basilica San Marco, Venice. Though varied in color, the marble column choices are left-right symmetric.
 St. Mark&s and Doge&s Palace, Venice   Bronze horses are copies of those raided from Constantinople  Pricey Venetian art glass at a shop on the Collonade, St. Mark&s Piazza  St. Mark&s pigeons may be "flying rats" but feding them is great fun for kids.  Going under the Accademia Bridge on the Grand Canal, Venice  Gondoliers on the Grand Canal at sunset, Venice
 The Lady Chapel (starboard apse) at S. Polo church, Venice  Ponte Di Rialto, the bridge of shops. One of the two bridges over the Grand Canal, Venice.  Looking North from the Ponte di Rialto over Venice&s Grand Canal  Venice roofline from one of the narrow streets  Shops and tourists line the paths to Ponte di Rialto, Venice
Naples - Vesuvius, Pompei, Sorento
This next row is courtesy of Bruce Dewald, from Colorado
 At the cameo factory (i.e., salesroom)  Naples from Vesuvius  Vesuvius from the bus  Climbing Vesuvius; the opposite wall and the basin floor are left from the Pompei explosion  The crater from the more recent explosion
 Naples harbor (Dewald)  Climbing Vesuvius (Dewald)  Vesuvius crater (Dewald)  Mt. Etna in Sicily, looming over city of Siracusa  Sunset, Straits of Messina
 Lighthouse on the jetty, port of Naples. From ground to beacon tip is about 22 meters.  Fortress above Naples city and harbor  Amalfi Coast south of Naples  Villa clings to cliff in Sorrento  Mt. Vesuvius and Bay of Naples, from Sorrento
 Seaside cliffs at Sorrento  Not-so-modest family home on the winding road to Sorrento  Susan, Vesuvius, and the Bay of Naples  St. Francis church in Sorrento, decorated for a wedding  Roses in Sorrento public garden
 Alley and shops in Sorrento  Dolls for sale in Sorrento  Lemon tree rootstock is hardier than orange, so orange limbs are grafted to lemon tree in farm above Sorrento  Ocean view from the olive, lemon, and cheese farm above Sorrento  Susan&s guide Gina watches demonstrator make fresh cheese
 Steps, columns, and a decorated wall in Pompei, dug out of the ash that fell in 79 AD  Perhaps this was this a conversation pit in Pompei  Some of the remaining wall and ceiling decorations in Pompei  Vesuvius looms over a street of shops in Pompei
 Pompeians were asphixiated by gases and later lost in drifts of volcanic ash. Their fat and watery parts soaked into the ash, leaving cavities. Archeologists filled these cavities with plaster to make dramatic images.  Vesuvius dominates the western skyline from the forum in Pompei. The eruption in 79 AD had been presaged by an earthquake in 62 AD. Much of the forum had been rebuilt in the interim.  Susan posing before Vesuvius (five miles away) in the forum of Pompei  Top and bottom column tiers at the temple of Apollo in Pompei remind us that many of the buildings were two-story  City wall and gardens as we leave Pompei
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