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More pictures from Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon
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Las Vegas and surrounding areas
 La Rêve finale, Wynn, Las Vegas  Floor at Rio, Las Vegas  The guy with the laptop was interviewing slots players at the Rio. I wonder why  Teller and me, after his show at the Rio  Hoover Dam guide points out an east water intake tower. The four orange lines and the gray lines are the tunnels that diverted the water so the dam could be built.
 Terrazo floors were built in the dam buildings for 50 cents a square foot.  Antique map of the Colorado River  Susan overlooking Hoover Dam  Canted power tower at Hoover Dam. The insulator exhibit says the voltage is roughly 14,000 times the number of insulators.  Lake Mead. The white is deposits of calcium chloride laid down when the lake was much higher.
 Duck on Lake Mead  Susan at Red Rock Canyon, Las Vega  At Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas  Another, less red, wall in Red Rock Canyon
Grand Canyon
    North from Hopi Point near sunset
   Looking East from Desert Tower (obstructed view)
 Susan (in blue) looking over the edge at Desert Tower
  Hance Rapids; one mile long    Bright Angel trail excursion to Plateau Point
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