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Alaska interior, Denali, the Yukon, and a cruise
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Niece's graduation
 Susan suggests where Meg can put her picture in a Creative Memories storybook  Donna Hansen  Joann and Donna appreciate Meg's handiwork  Flags flying at elementary school near Meg's house, Bothell Washington  Yes, we have electric fences! Right here in Hothell WA!
 Clouds across the horse farm, Bithell WA  Meg's neighbor wanted pictures of her VW. I took a bunch, incljuding this one.  Meg's neighbor's VW  Tot ignores fabulous glass fittings at Seatac airport, WA  The Bothell Cougars graduate in the Comcast Arena, Everett, WA
First stop in Alaska - final preparations
 Through the pipes in the Anchorage rail yard  Engine of our train from Anchorage to Denali;  the 35 foot hill beyond is the alleged result of the 1964 earthquake  Old time engine for the Alaska Railroad (Anchorage to Fairbanks via Denali)  Incredible dahlias in Anchorage park - thanks to 20 hours of sunlight  Dome car on the way to Denali
 Knik Arm inlet is tidal (salt water) for 40 miles north of Anchorage; peaks from left to right are Foraker, Hunter, and Denali  Lake of glacial meltwater near summit of Broad Pass on railroad to Denali; many Alaskan homes can be reached only on foot  Prime moose habitat along the Susitna River  Southern face of Denali from the train  View of glaciers in the Alaska Range as we flew fromSeattle to Anchorage
Tallest mountain in North America
 Happy moose munching wildflowers in Denali Park  View from our tundra tour, Denali  Glacial meltwater in Toklat River, Denali  Toklat River is angry; a roiling, noisy chocolate froth  We're so lucky - a clear view of Denali's two peaks
 Looking across the tundra to Denali Peak. This is the closest the bus ride gets; still 40 miles away.  Denali: Climbers use the glaciers to reach the 20,000 foot summit  Two sheep still caught between the raging rivers an hour and a half later  Moon over Denali mountains  Sled dog pups in Denali Park kennels
 Sled dogs come from several breeds - bred to be friendly and to love pulling sleds  Wolf skull on display at park headquarters, Denali  Caribou anlters are HEAVY! Shed and regrown every year.  Denali by Susan  Morning cirrus clouds over Denali Park
Home of Riverboat Discovery
 Seaplane showing off for the Riverboat Discovery tour on the Chena River near Fairbanks  Riverboat Discovery, Fairbanks AK, and its drydock made from sections of the Alaska pipeline  Staff waves goodbye to free-spending tourists  Sled dogs demo at Susan Butcher Kennels  Native dressed for winter and moose dressed for summer, Chena Indian Village, Fairbanks AK
The Million Meter Motorcoach Marathon
 Tenana River, southeast of Fairbanks, AK  The Alaska Pipeline crosses the Delta River, AK  Looking for moose along the Highway from Fairbanks to Delta Junction; numerous touchups have eliminated most windshield traces of the unofficial state bird -- the mosquito  Alaska is flat, as seen from Forty Mile River, AK  And we spotted one!
Site of the 1898 Goldrush
 Dealer in Diamond Tooth Gertie's casino  Super tap dancers in black fishnets  The crowd at  Diamond Tooth Gerties, Dawson, Yukon  Taking their reward at Diamond Tooth Gerties, Dawson, Yukon  The cancan at Diamond Tooth Gerties, Dawson, Yukon
 Posing for pictures after the show, Diamond Tooth Gerties, Dawson, Yukon  Susan's tour guide Erica in restored Red Feather Saloon, Dawson City  Dawson City storefronts, dirt roads, pickups  Moose slide (prehistoric landslide) dominates the Dawson City view  Monument to the gold miners of the Klondike gold rush, 1898
At the first big rapids floating down the Yukon River
 Fred's guide Isabel on Miles Canyon nature hike, Whitehorse, Yukon  At Miles Canyon, Whitehorse, Yukon  Isabel told us all about this ground-hugger and what eats it to survive; but, alas, I've forgetten most of what she said  The old tram ran a kilometer straight North from Canyon City to bypass the rapids in Miles Canyon, Whitehorse, Yukon  Yes, a bear was here. No, we didn't see it.  Miles Canyon, Whitehorse, Yukon
 Singing at the Frantic Follies  Dancing at the Frantic Follies. The entire cast is from the Whitehorse area.  Banjo-playing cast at the Frantic Folllies vaudeville show,  Whitehorse, Yukon. Founder Lyall Murdoch at the left is bowing, not stooped with age.  First Nation boys play a traditional game at festival, Whitehorse  Hand-raised musk ox up close and personal at wildlife park and animal refuge near Whitehorse
The "easier" route from Skagway to the Yukon River
 On the road from Whitehorse to the Whitepass Route Railroad to  Holland-America tour guide Jaynelle at Emerald Lake  Gold Rushers crossed these lakes on the way from Skagway to the Yukon River, the river route to Dawson and the Alaskan interior   Aboard the Yukon and White Pass Route Railroad, descending from Whitehorse to Skagway
 From Inspiration Point, aboard the Yukon and White Pass Route Railroad  Barreling down the track, aboard the Yukon and White Pass Route Railroad  Lake is emerald from glacial silt  Reflections on crystal glacial lake south of Whitehorse  June, 85 degrees, and still ice and snow on White Horse Pass
Alaskan port of entry for treks to the Yukon River
 Many sled dogs have different colored eyes  The pier at Skagway  Downtown Skagway. 28 jewelry stores.  Gigantic cabbages grow in the Alaskan summer sun  Garden tour guide and chef at Jewell Gardens shows off rhubarb, Skagway.  Miners ate it to prevent scurvy.
 My dad would have loved this rhubarb  Chives and marigolds, Jewell Gardens, Skagway, AK  Columbine on garden tour, Skagway  Corn-crab chowder, cheddar biscuits, super salad; created as a demo in Jewell Gardens, Skagway, AK  This is the snowplow for the White Pass Railroad train
Glacier Bay
Global warming at work for three hundred years
 Staring into God's veil while sailing up Galcier Bay  Mysterious shores of Glacier Bay  High fog or low clouds  Reflections on Glacier Bay  Through the early morning mists: arriving at Margerie Glacier in Tarr Inlet, Glacier Bay, AK
 Our cruise ship appraoches The Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park  Margerie Glacier shot with a big, new Sony  A bird fies past the Margerie glacier. Gotta show this off -- my old camera wasn't  up to shooting birds.   Southern end of the Mergerie Glacier;  dirty from scraping the adjacent cliffs
  Much later the entire tower at the left caved in  Ice caves in Margerine Glacier  The big chunk in the middle of the ice fall is about to make a big splash  The sentinels of Margerie Glacier
 Caling creates a big splash at Margerie Glacier  Margerie Glacier   Margerie Glacier shot with a small Sony  Susan and Fred shamelessly exploit the Margerie Glacier as their personal backdrop. The glacier groaned and cracked, but otherwise did not specifically object.
Aboard the MS Zuiderdam for the Inside Passage to Vancouver
 Lighting control booth for theater aboard the Holland America  Enjoying dinner asea  Fellow passenger took a nice photo  Park in Ketchican, AK  Bald eacle in his nest in Ketchican AK
 A bay seen from ashore in Ketchican, AK  A highlight of the totem pole park in Ketchican. AK  Sunset from the inside passage, AK  Susan and some new friends on our trip  Vancouver! Stanley Park is in the foreground.
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