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> Annals > 2013 > Christmas
Chistmas in the Research Triangle, NC
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On the first night of Christmas, we visited Tanya's new house
 Peek-a-boo  Tanya enjoys company and her new kitchen  Bowls at Tanya's  Boy and girls sharing a room, but not the toys  Cheerful child
Lindsey at Joann's; after the first couple of pictures she ignored me
 Putting the ponies to bed  Assembling the people  Fly horsie! Fly!  Horsie, meet frogataur!  Bad horsie, bad.
The almost-toddlers Colin and Schenley had lots of fun
 Colin relishes Aunt Ellyn's reading  What say, guv'ner?  Colin loves Hungry Bunny  All smiles after the dedication ceremony  Colin comfortable with Uncle Devin
I took pictures all around Mom's apartment
 The cookle assembly line at Joann's; Susan, Ellyn, Lindsay, Isabel, Sarah  The desk where Mom commands her financial empire  Dad's Lake Garfield collection  Joann and Susan have worked hard to keep up with the family, but it's not easy  Mom awaits the child dedication ceremony
Rev. Kowalski from Joann's U-U church dedicated the children in a ceremony at Croasdaile
 Ready for the child dedications  Welcome, Schenley  Welcome, Colin  Welcome, Lindsay; while othes amuse themselves  Thank you, all
After the ceremony we took family pictures
 Post ceremony parade to "This Little Light of Mine"  Great grandma and Lindsey  Clockwise spiral-in from tree: Sarah, Joann, Tavo, Susan, Ellyn, Derek, Colin, Isabel, Lindsay, Rebcca, Mom/Grandma/Great Edith, Schenley, Devin  Mom explains some of the Christian symbols on the tree  Sarah meditates
Later we retired to the party room for gift opening
 Alex opens a truck package  A new truck!  Delving with Schenley  Schenley delving
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