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> Annals > 2013 > FredSpain
Selected Pictures from Susan's trip to Spain
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 Slicing Iberian ham, grocery store in Cordoba  Centuries-old olive tree, Cervantes Plaza, Madrid  Street person, Madrid - victim of ongoing economic crisis  Mountaintop cross at Valley of the Fallen  Our plump  guide in Madrid loved this Reclining Venus street art!
 Vegetable market in Tangiers; shy Berber women in hats  Spring in gardens of the Prado Museum, Madrid  Street musicians in plaza of old city  Altar beneath dome installed in the middle of the former mosque, Cordoba  Garden steps near beach hotels, Torremolinos, Costa del Sol
 Selling fresh bread, old market in Tangiers  Patio inside Alhambra  Joann and Susan tilting at windmills  Alhambra courtyard in the harem  Beach of Costa del Sol
 Meat vendor of Iberian ham, in Mercado, Old City  Gorge and bridge, La Ronda; place of Civil War executions and Hemingway novel  Flamenco style: fans, mantillas, ruffles, and cell phones  The other tower, fountain, reflections  View of Roman bridge from New Bridge, La Ronda
 Kitchen in Sintra Palace  White pigeons find Joann at Sevilla plaza  At the Feria in Sevila  Gold-encrusted virgin in La Ronda church  The cutest muchacho in Sevilla
 Dona Maria, owner of stud farm, Portugal, serves us lunch: soup, salad, chicken  Giddyup!  Our fearless guide Juanjo and ficus tree, Sevilla  Nave of St. Jeronimo Church, Lisbon  Monument to the Carnation Revolution that overthrew Salazar in 1974, Lisbon
 Duck decor at horse farm  View of Toledo across Tagus River, made famous by El Greco painting  Junior misses all smiles at Feria, Sevilla  Swan Ceiling, summer royal palace, Sintra  Rose in bloom, Sevilla
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