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Other 2013 Pictures
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 Mom stepping out one week after a broken hip  Leaking from inside my roof  Inside my microwave  Jack's guard frog in Chapel Hill, February
Given its lecture program, it's clear to me why Chautauqua's middle name is "talk"
 Moon over the Amphitheater, Chautauqua, NY  Amphitheater stage, Chautauqua, NY  Boats and bell tower at night, Chautauqa, NY  Full moon over lake Chautauqua, NY  "Mount Hermon" of Palestine Park doubles as a storage shed, Chautauqua, NY
 Cindy Haight at the Brick Walk Cafe & Gazebo, Chautauqua, NY  Bell tower at night, Chautauqa, NY  Trying to shoot-the-moon without a tripod  Chautauqua Belle on Chautauqua Lake  Tall ship on Lake Erie
Susan's September discursions found her visiting friends and family from Cincinnati to Illinois
 Lindsay joins the Royal Court at Ohio Renaissance Festival  Robin Hood at Ohio Renaissance Festival  Morton Arboretum had a whole bunch of scarecrows for Fall  And pumpkins, including a shy, pink one  S visted friend Connie Butler
Landscapes in Illinois
 Our old house in Champaign IL has much bigger trres now  The quadrangle at U of Illinois has always been expansive  The sun lights a flower at Morton Arboretum, Lisle. IL  Susan loves reflection pictures, and was pleased with this one she took at Morton Arboretum  Sunset over harbor, Lake Erie Park, Erie PA
 Among the guests: Caroline Ban, Mary Reynolds, MJ McCarty
Cousin Fred passed away untimely in November. We visited Florida for the memorial service and dinner.
 Taking the beach at sunset, Sanibel FL  The waves crash in at subset, Sanibel FL  An egret looks to Fort Myers from Sanibel FL  A gull wings past the "lighthouse" on Sanibel's eastern tip, FL  Susan, Cousin Ann, and Ann's daughter Mary on the lighthouse pier, Sanibel FL
 The local Osprey surveys the field at Lighthouse Point, Sanibel FL  Pelican in a boiling sea.  Thousands of tiny fish roiled the surface for several yards near the shore.  Flowers in November along Sandcastle Road, Sanibel FL  The view across one of the dozen ponds encircled by Sandcastle Road, Sanibal FL  Sandpipers at sunset, looking across the Gulf of Mexico from Sanibel Island FL
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