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> Annals > 2013 > Schenley
Schenley Volmer, Three months and older
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Schenley's day care takes pictures every day.
 Whoa, check out this black hole looking at me  This is my frog  Peek a boo  Go away. I'm having a bit of painter's block.  Ha. That's a good one
 We're just friends  Ready to dine  What big eyes they have  Seriously ...  Aren't I cute!
 Tiger and Owl  Swaddled and happy  Stripes make a fashion statement  Not gonna be cute! Don't you try and make me.  The frog is watching you
Schenley and her family visited Colin and his family in Cincinnati
 Grandpa and Schenley  Lying on the floor  "Solid" food in May
Enjoying the pool at Grandma's for the Fourth of July
 Who are you?  Who are you?  What is that?  I like this pool thing
First birthday party with all the cousins
 Standing for my birthday portrait; sitting is so last week  Sharing with cousin Katie Bell while Zoe watches  While I'm distracted by the owl, Katie Bell sees her opportunity  Zoe rolls the ball while Katie Bell looks on suspiciously because this ball sometimes rolls itself  Aunt Rebecca with constantly cheerful cousin Colin
 Big folks call this a smash cake imagining a happy child wallowing happily in a mess of frosting  Us little folk aren't really all that enthusiastic  For me? A plate! Gee, thank you!  That's me in momma Ellyn's lap with cousin Lindsay in Aunt Rebecca's lap and proud Grandma beaming
Thanksgiving at the Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's
 My first ice cream. Definitely not my last. Definitely!  I check out the minister at the dedication ceremony in Croasdaile's Few Chapel
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